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Consumer Information

Here are a few nuggets of information for folks in our neighborhood. Please recheck this information yourself, and don't hold me responsible if something turns out to be incorrect. (I've done the best I can to make sure this is correct though.)

High Speed Internet Connections
We have serveral providers that offer high-speed internet access. All of them cost between $40-50/month. I have had the best luck with Comcast High Speed Internet. We also have DSL provided by Verizon.

Long Distance Service
If you don't mind life on the bleeding edge of technology, you may want to look at's offering. See my summary of the service.

Mobile Telephone Service
A common complaint in our neighborhood is that mobile telephone coverage is spotty. Patrick, a Longmead crossing resident provides the following insight:

"In a nutshell, AT&T Wireless works all around Longmead, in
Leisure World, and pretty much everywhere else I've tried.

T-mobile works passably outdoors in
Longmead, and in most of the rest of the area - never had a
coverage problem anywhere but right around Longmead. I
could only get sporadic service indoors.

Sprint is similar to T-Mobile - doesn't work
inside, but occasionally works outside. It was a bit worse
than Voicestream in Longmead. Works fine elsewhere in the
DC area.

Verizon didn't have a good signal in my unit, but was a bit
stronger than Sprint. Probably a touch better than
Voicestream, but it's tough to say. Seemed to pick up
signal fine outside.

Analog signal is marginal, which surprised me. I don't
know who sells Analog service in the area, but the signal
is there, though again, not very good inside. Since analog
breaks up as the signal deteriorates (where Digital is
pretty much there or not), it's probably pretty scratchy.

AT&T is definitely my recommendation. The GSM service is
nice, and includes high-speed (in cell-phone terms)
internet. They have a $99/month unlimited plan that sounds
good if you talk a lot. I'm on a $39.99 plan with 500
Anytime and 500 "Bonus" Anytime minutes for the life of the
contract (1 year). $36 activation fee per line. Sprint has
a $35 activation fee per line. Not sure about verizon or
Voicestream - Voicestream used to be $25 per line a few
years ago."

Street Sign for Cleese Court in the
Longmead Crossing Condominiums

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