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By Eron Cohen                  

Learn More About The Fantastic Offering from Line 2 by Toktumi for $9.95/month - No Contract

Like many people, I am always looking for the best mobile calling options for my android phone. Line2 by Toktumi is one of those products that adds just a little more innovation to an already innovative idea and that is what makes it so great. Line2 basically lets you add a second phone number to your mobile cell phone, ipod or ipad in the form of an app. Once the app is installed on your device, you can use it to dial phone numbers and text message from a phone number that is seperate from the one "Built In" to the device. (In the case of an ipod, it will in fact add telephony abilities--you have to call using a wiFi connection only though) line 2 dialing on android platform

Features include:

  • Unlimited calling in the USA (5000 minutes)
  • Unlimited texting in the USA
  • Phone number of your choice (toll free numbers are available for an additional charge)
  • Ability to transfer calls
  • Conference calling (up to 20 people)
  • technical support

  • App available for iPhone, iPod and Android devices
  • Works on WiFi or mobile data plan

I have been using line2 for about 6 months now and find it to be reliable and very convenient. Like all VOIP services, you must have a good internet connection for best results. If you don't, you could have dropped calls and poor audio quality. On the other hand, when you do have a strong internet connection, the reliability rivals cell phone service and if you're in a weak cell, but you have wiFi, it certainly surpasses it. This has saved me many times.

Currently I have line2 installed on my Samsung Infuse Android phone. It gets along fine with my other apps and doesn't interfere with incoming calls on my AT&T line built into the phone. The interface is quick and simple to use. Since I can set a seperate ringtone for when someone is calling on Line2 instead of my regular mobile number, I always know whether I am getting a business call or a personal call. Text messaging on line2 is just like my AT&T messaging. I can have threaded conversations and the messages come from "me" as opposed to some weird number, which is what happens with some of the other providers.

I think that for the most part, the app is identical between the Android and iPod/iPhone/iPad platforms. One difference that I know of is that if you're on the apple platforms, line2 can do "live" handoffs from VOIP (wiFi) to 3G/4G. This basically means that if you start a call in the office and then need to get on the road, you can keep on talking without loosing the call because you moved out of your wiFi zone. Here is a comparison of line2 vs. skype:

When you choose a number for your Line2 Account, you can reject an unlimited number of choices before you decide which number is "The one" for your second line. If I had any complaints at all, it would be this: I wanted a toll free number, but didn't like any of the choices...I had to get all the way down to 1-855 toll free numbers before I was happy with the choice, but then I was unhappy that it was an 855 number, which most people don't even know is toll free. I could have picked one of the other numbers, but I really wanted something easy to remember or that "Spelled" something (I use to see if the numbers spell anything). The number I ended up with was definitely easy to remember.

Here is a video demonstration of Line2 on an iPad:

If you have a business, line2 provides a clever avenue for cutting out the expensive "hardline" options that are provided by the likes of Verizon. You will need to purchase the upgraded "pro" plan for $14.95/month, but that's worth it because of the added features. The pro plan provides for an autoattendant, toll free dialing, multiline support (you can transfer calls like a "real" business phone) and a softphone for your computer.

Potentially an organization could provide employees with an iPod and a headset (and wiFi) and instantly have a viable business phone system for a much lower price point than a traditional system. For a less fancy solution, they could use the softphone with laptops. Or even better if your employees already have smart phones, they would be able to install the app on their existing mobile phone and be able to use it anywhere for personal or business calls.

Here is a link to line2's plan comparison page. You can try line2 for free (link to Android App). The fully featured free version gives you a phone number and allows you to call or text anyone with a line2 account or toll-free numbers in the USA. You can also get voicemails (but not calls) and texts from people outside of the Line2 network. This means that if you have relatives or friends outside the USA, they could use the line2 app to make free phone calls--so long as they call someone that is also using line2, the call is free.
You also get call waiting and conference calling for up to 20 people--oh and you can easily conference in the person who called in on call waiting. Believe me, this comes in handy once you get your mind around that possibility.

Line2 offers techical support with "real people" who can help you on the phone--its included. That's a big plus. That is one more reason I recommend this product. If you are looking for a great way to add another line, definitely check this one. They offer a free trial, so you don't have anything to loose by giving it a try.

5/5 Very Good Calling Platform!

Using Line2 I was able to convert my iPod into a first rate, full featured phone--better than an iPhone!


Last updated May 24, 2012

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