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Republic Wireless Review Part 1

Read My Customer Review of Republic Wireless Mobile Phone Service
By Eron Cohen                  

Republic Wireless - Only 25/month - No Contract phone
• Get a 30 Day Trial NO CONTRACT - Month to Month
Completely Unlimited phone/text/data service for $25/month • The Motorola DEFY Phone Costs $99.
• Learn About the Republic Wireless Motorola DEFY XT Smartphone (See Part 2) • Learn More About Republic Wireless' New Mobile Phone service for $25/month
No Hidden Fees • No kidding
• Not a scam • Money back guarantee


Republic Wireless is now selling three phones, the Motorola Moto X gen 2, Moto G and the Moto E gen 2. This is great news.

The new phone also has a new, somewhat more expensive pricing structure with unlimited voice, text and data plans costing $25/month or $40/month. (See my updated Republic Wireless Review 2015) The previous phone described in the review below, the respectable Motorola DEFY XT was a decent mobile phone with some great features (see review below) but not on the same level as the Moto X, Moto G or Moto EThe Moto X is much more powerful, has a better camera, a newer version of Android and a larger screen. Republic Wireless' Moto X sells for $299, the Moto G sells for $149 and the Moto E for $99. (You must purchase the phone from Republic Wireless to use their service.) These phones definitely provide a great experience and are both very popular on all of the popular mobile carriers.

If you wanted the $19/month option (including a 30 Day Trial using the link below) with the Motorola DEFY, you are unfortunately out of luck because they stopped selling that phone in January 2014) and no longer offer the $19/month service price point--Republic Wireless will continue to support the DEFY XT with the $19 pricing model if you already had one.

Even though they no longer sell that phone, my customer review of Republic Wireless with the DEFY XT continues below. The bottom line is that everything I say below still applies minus that specific phone...otherwise, at least you have another option if you want a better mobile phone.

Again, even with the higher price points of the Motorola MOTO X 2nd Gen ($299 ) and MOTO G ($99), this is still a very good deal--and with Moto E ($129), the price of the phone is still the same as it was before. Also good to note is that with the new phones they have introduced several new pricing plans. The plans start at $5 per month which gets you only service via wifi, no cellular. For $10/month, you can get just unlimited voice but you must get data via wifi-perfect for a college student who stays mostly on campus. $25/month gets you unlimited voice and unlimited data at 3G speeds, and for $40/month you get the same but at 4G speeds. At these prices, the plans are very good and would be perfect for anyone from teens to college students to working adults and the retired. Again, for a completely up-to-date review (as of August 8, 2015) see my Republic Wireless Review 2015

I have been a customer of Republic Wireless since August 2012. This is my review and impressions of the service. Below you will find an honest accounting of what my experience has been so far. First let me say that I haven't been so excited about a phone company since vonage...and all I can say is "It's about time!"-- Republic Wireless should have AT&T and Verizon worried--their pricing structure and monthly plan for "hybrid" phones (wiFi and 3G) is disruptive (in a good way) and should bring down prices for all mobile phone customers. They now have thousands of customers and their user base is growing because their phones are reliable and their offering has been well proven. My review continues below--note that this is a two part review, so be sure and click the link below to continue to the second part.

My quick summary
is this: although the service isn't 100% without complaints, it is still very good--and I am pretty sure this is the best pricing you'll find for Android mobile phone service, so if you're on the fence, I'd say give Republic Wireless a try (there is a Money Back Guarantee and did I mention NO CONTRACT?). Republic Wireless' innovative plans now include levels which pay you back for unused data in your data plan.

How Republic Wireless Works (and Saves You Money)

Republic Wireless launched service in November 2012. You can purchase service by visiting their website and signing up for the service. There are two ways to go about payment, but in order to get coverage, you must buy an Android Smartphone from Republic Wireless (currently the only choice is the Motorola DEFY XT).

The first way is for you to pay $99 + $10 setup fee and the $25/month. (Normal price for the phone is $199, but for Winter/Fall 2013 (unknown when offer expires-so take advantage while you can) they are having a sale on the phone. There is no contract--so the only downside is that if you are disatisfied and leave, you will be stuck with a phone that you paid for outright. I believe it would be pretty easy to sell it though as the service is getting to be very popular. To help make the decision easier, there is a 30 Day Money back guarantee.)

republic wireless motorola DEFY XTAfter you have your phone, for $19.99/month (actually, with taxes, $22-$24/month) or $29.99/month ($32-35 with taxes) you receive "unlimited" phone calls, text messages and data through a combination of using at least one WiFi connection somewhere (at home, at work, at Aunt Judi's house, whatever) and using Sprint's mobile network when you aren't near a WiFi connection. There are no hidden fees--aside from the taxes, you are never charged extra on the bill -- the cost is the same every month: there aren't any extras to buy since everything is unlimited.

It might be hard to believe that Republic Wireless is able to offer unlimited data plans with their phone service at the $19.99/month price point, but it is true. And they don't use any tricks--unlimited IS truly unlimited data on their network. I have to say that I am really impressed by this bold move...honestly, this is a BIG deal.

More About The Republic Wireless Phone: The Motorola DEFY XT

As I mentioned before, there is currently only one phone that you can get for use on Republic Wireless--the Motorola DEFY XT (new phones are to be released by the end of the Summer of 2013). The Motorola DEFY XT has been written about by many reviewers. Although the phone isn't perfect, it is a peppy, trusty and durable device to have on your side. By durable, I mean more durable than most Android phones. It uses corning gorilla glass and it is in fact rated IPV6 for water resistance and particle resistance. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you can take it in the pool with you. Its more like if you spill a glass of water on it, it won't have an effect. Still, your chances are better in the pool then with a typical phone.

The phone has a forward facing and rear facing camera. The forward facing camera is web cam quality (ie-not so good, but good enough for video conferencing--I use mine to skype) and a 5 megapixel rear facing camera. The lens quality doesn't seem to be especially good, but is almost passable for a typical snapshot outdoors. Indoors the quality suffers more. The DEFY ships with Android Gingerbread--it is uncertain if they would ever upgrade this to a newer version of Android.

BTW, there are plenty of great apps for Android phones available to enhance this phone. (I have a few Android App suggestions here)

My Republic Wireless Customer Review Continues Here (More About Republic Wireless) >>

Republic Wireless Rating

4  Stars - Good Service for the Price But A Few Issues

Republic Wireless isn't perfect yet, but their offering works well, comes at a great price and is definitely changing the mobile landscape! When they straighten out a few minor issues, they will certainly get to five stars.


Last updated August 8, 2015

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