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Vonage Frequently Asked Questions    

Read my review of Vonage Digital Voice

I was a Vonage customer for over 10 years. Here are some questions that people often ask me regarding this phone service. Please read my full review of Vonage to find out about my experience using it as my main home phone number.

1)Is Vonage a Good Deal?
Kind of, it is one of the best deals for getting a home phone number that's commerically serviced. Vonage is feature rich and cheaper than Verizon, etc. There are cheaper ways to go, but for a good stable, reliable phone line I can definitely recommend Vonage. Again, you need to make sure you have a good internet connection that doesn't go down. If you have a cable modem or FIOS, you should be fine. If you have DSL, especially sketchy DSL you may have problems...but so long as the connection is pretty fast and reliable you'll be fine. The main detractor is the fact that you'll pay more than $10 in taxes and fees per month with your plan.

2) I bought Vonage in the USA and would like to take it with me when I go overseas to Europe, Asia, Russia or elsewhere. What do I need to do?
The cool thing is not much. You're going to need the appropriate power adaptor for your vonage box so you can get electricity for it wherever you take it. Otherwise, its the same requirements everywhere--you need a decent internet connection to plug it into. Once you do that, you will get phone calls just like you did before. Someone will call your local US phone number and it will ring wherever you might be. Vonage provides service and sells adaptors all over the world, so if you're not in the US, but just want to have the benefits of Vonage (with either a US phone number or a number in a country they also host, then you might check to see if they're already in your country selling. If not, you should be able to order a device from Vonage and have it shipped to you.

3) How can I record Vonage phone calls? Is there a way to record a phone conversation thru vonage?
I don't know of a way to directly record your VOIP phone calls thru the Vonage phone system feature set. However there are a few software solutions that might do the trick for you depending on the way your network is setup and how you're using Vonage. An example can be found here: http://www.penbaynetworks.com/

4) Is Vonage a good platform to use for my business?
The answer is maybe. If you need more than one or two lines and want to be able to transfer calls between them and enjoy other kinds of features that typical business systems have, then no. You would be better off using line2 on iPods or as a second line on your Android or iPhone Mobile phones for maximum flexibility.

If on the other hand you really just need one stationary phone number then by all means go for Vonage. It works very well. Here is a link to Vonage's Small Business Plan. I think its pretty much the same as their home service except that you get a fax line. You will have to consider their fax offering or look at eFax or MaxEmailSend.com if you need incoming or outgoing fax capabilities. If you don't need the fax line, then you just might not need to get the business plan and pay the extra money.

5) Can I port in my current home phone number or mobile phone number?
Generally speaking you can move your phone numbers in and out of Vonage as you like. Keep in mind that it can be a bit of a pain and also can take some time to complete the process. When you sign up for Vonage, you will have the option of requesting that they port in your current phone number. When you leave Vonage, you should be able to port it back out to your new phone company.

6) Is there a limit to the number of lines you can get? Yes and no. Vonage makes it easy to add lines. You may have to get additional adaptors to support additional lines, but as long as you have a good enough internet connection (such as FIOS) to support lots of simultaneous phone calls, you should be able to have quite a few lines.

7) How much data bandwidth do I need for Vonage?
Voice calls on vonage don't take up very much bandwidth. You can even select how much data you want it to use--the tradeoff is call quality. The lowest quality is 30 kilos per second. That's a very small amount and the quality is still very nice...you can dial it up to 50 or 90 on the Vonage portal as you like. Here is a screenshot of what the bandwidth selector looks like:

vonage bandwidth selector

8) Does Vonage come with a phone? What kinds of phones can I use with Vonage?
Vonage isn't like a cell phone company where you get a phone to use when you sign up. Although Vonage is starting to get into mobile phones (with a vonage app that you use on your iPhone or Android) it is mainly meant to replace your home phone service. Therefore, pretty much any phone you'd plug into your wall jacks at home will work on vonage. When you sign up they do send you an adaptor that you have to plug into the internet connection at your house...and you plug your phones into that (or you can wire it to your home's phone jacks)

If you have any questions about my review of Vonage, just email me (I won't spam you, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can): vonage@longmeadcrossing.com

4 Reliable VOIP Service!

Vonage has been around for almost a decade. Their phone service is mature and reliable. I definitely recommend trying Vonage!



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